ROBUST MSA Universal joint sealant are a thin flat profile tape that is ideal for applications where a full face gasket is required, where gasket profile (thickness or width) is critical, or for large or small joints. Large diameter gaskets can easily be created from the gasket strip, with no cutting nor waste. Simply over-lap, or scarf-cut, the joint to form a lasting seal. Small, even intricate shape gaskets, are swiftly, accurately and easily cut from the flexible, pliable tape. Bolt holes, on full face joints, can be readily punched though the tape after it has been applied to the flange. Robust MSA universal joint sealant are equipped with adhesive-backed as standard for ease of installation.

The highly fibrillated expanded PTFE structure of Robust MSA universal joint sealant offers a unique blend of extreme gasket sealing properties. Robust MSA universal joint sealant is unaffected by all common chemicals with a pH range of 0-14, performs from -240oC to +310oC and seals from vacuum to 3,000 psi.

The pliable nature of the tape allows it to be easily applied to any shaped flange and to fill surface irregularities. Due to its exceptional conformability, the tape will seal flanges that are rough or damaged with the bolt force spread over the complete gasket width. Minimum bolt loads required to seal are a fraction of other gasketing materials, making Robust MSA universal joint sealant ideal for safely and securely sealing glass, ceramic, plastic and other sensitive flanges.

Since Robust MSA universal joint sealant materials do not creep, relax or cold flow under practically all conditions, completed joints do not need re-torquing. Start up re-torquing and fugitive leaks during the joint’s life are eliminated with tremendous savings in maintenance and produceloss costs.


Gasket Tape is available as a thin, flat gasket strip of 1, 1.5 and 3mm (1/25”, 1/16”and 1/8”) thickness by 25, 50, 100 and 200mm (1,2,4 and 8”) width. Standard spool lengths are 15.2m (50ft) or 4.6m (15ft).